Model 1898 Krag Restoration Video

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Model 1898 Krag Restoration Video

Post by Whig » Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:03 am

If you haven't seen this video, I would strongly suggest kicking back and enjoying an hour's worth of your spare time watching it.

This guy evidently has a business restoring damaged military rifles. This is the first of his videos I've seen. He takes a Krag that has been damaged in a fire and was soaked with water and fire retardant chemicals. It was quite badly rusted and messed up.

The gun smith admits he doesn't know much about Krags, later in the video, and sure made me cringe with a few things he did with its dis-assembly and cleaning, especially where he incorrectly removes the hand guard. (We have warned new comers many times about this procedure, haven't we!!)

But, he does show some interesting ways to work with fixing and renovating a damaged rifle and its parts. I enjoyed it overall even if I did cringe many times along the way.

He seems totally oblivious, though, even after reading and learning about Krags near the end of his renovation, about the cut down barrel and the crappy after market front sight. I don't think he ever figured out what the little lever on the front of the M1901 rear sight was! He tells others that they should read and learn first before buying or working with a Krag. Good advice he should have taken.

All-in all, though, he did a multi-hundred dollar renovation on a $350 shooter Krag. It did take it out of the trash heap, though.

He does a good job illustrating the pathway of a round through the magazine and up to the chamber. Good video. Enjoy! ... =MarkNovak

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Re: Model 1898 Krag Restoration Video

Post by butlersrangers » Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:17 am

Thanks for posting, Whig.

As you pointed out, the damage was more related to rust, from water and fire fighting chemicals.

It does not appear this, (likely 'Stokes Kirk'), cut-down rifle was exposed to extremely high temperatures.

It was wearing a real 1899 carbine stock and the wood was not bad.

I bet things would have turned out about the same, if the stock had just been wiped down with mineral spirits, followed up with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil & turpentine.

The metal could have used a good soak in kerosene with some bronze brushing!

Thanks for the warning. I was downright blubbering, when I saw him clean wood with brake cleaner, manhandle the hand-guard, and noticed that the cut-off lever got totally disassembled.

The man has 'smithing' talents, but, he would not be my gun guru with Krags.

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Re: Model 1898 Krag Restoration Video

Post by Local Boy » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:23 am

Thanks again Whig!

I've enjoyed watching the Anvil/Primer series of videos but haven't seen that one.

Mark Novak did another video were he takes a rusty shotgun and demonstrates how you can take a carding brush to restore the bluing without much effort.

He explains that on many occasions the rust doesn't have to be totally removed down to bare metal and re-blued.

All that's needed is to take the rusty parts and have a go at the carding brush to restore the bluing.

May not be perfect...but then again what is rust bluing?

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