Its fun to look at old catalogs!

U.S. Military Krags
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Its fun to look at old catalogs!

Post by butlersrangers » Sat Dec 19, 2020 6:05 pm

In a different KCA thread, there are pictures and discussion of original unfinished Krag parts and other items that likely came through "Bannerman's".

Joe DeChristopher (now his grandson - Movieman630/Granpa's Gunparts) and S&S Firearms are good sources for Krag parts.
(IMHO - It is likely some of their inventory passed through Francis Bannerman's company).

Yesterday, I was looking at a couple of old catalogs from S&S Firearms and the late, Joe DeChristopher .

S&S Firearms has been reported to have some 'family tie' to Bannerman's.

Joe DeChristopher's catalog had some interesting content on "Parkhurst Device" Krags and the Board of Ordnance & Fortifications rifles.
(Joe's 'observed serial numbers' are already listed in the KCA data sheet. They appear in Mallory's "KRS", 2nd edition, appendix 19, page 247).
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