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Pictures for A Krag Book!

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:23 pm
by skillest
Hi guys!

I'm currently in the process of putting together a book on the Krag-Jorgensen! I'm focusing more on the Norwegian models as most English resources on the Krag focus on the American variety, and somewhat ignore the development of the Norwegian models. I also am going to include more information on the Danish trials and development of the krag, along with all the danish models that were created since I find some information on that is also lacking in English sources.

Unfortunately due to COVID its been difficult to get out there and take pictures of the rifles models that I don't have in my own personal collection. The original idea was to go to Norway and take photos at the mining museum and whatnot, but that looks like it won't be happening, at least until things start to get better in terms of the Virus.

Because of this, I was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to post some high quality photos of your own European models of krags that I would have permission to use in this book? Even original equipment that was used alongside the krag like oilers, bayonets, and more would be very useful!

Besides being curious at what is out there in collectors hands, I think right now it may be the best course of action for getting photos of the vast variety of Krag models. The photos don't need to be edited or anything, I can take care of most lighting issues and whatnot myself through lightroom/photoshop. As long as the images are clear, and aren't pixelated or blurry they could be useful.

Just in case you're curious, I let you know what stuff i myself have examples of, but the more the merrier! I've got a post war German Model (Stomperud) made on an M1894 sniper receiver, a nazi production Stomperud from 1943, a M1894 (that was unfortunately cut down) and a numbers matching Danish 1889/10. I've also got a M1898 American krag, and 3 norwegian bayonets, 2 of which are M1894 bayos and another is an M1916.

If y'all would like pictures of mine feel free to ask!

I hope this doesn't come off as me being lazy or anything, I just genuinely think one of the best ways to get imagery of these Krags at the moment is to ask the online community, as travel outside of Canada to take my own photos at the moment is next to impossible. Of course you would be credited in the book in any way you want, obviously as you are the photographer.

Keep in mind that I can't guarantee that your photos would actually used, it always depends on if it would fit well in the book. But even if they aren't used I would still like to credit anyone willing to help out by posting their photos.

Thanks a ton,
- Justin

Re: Pictures for A Krag Book!

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:52 pm
by butlersrangers
Justin - Welcome to the KCA Forum.
Your goal of producing an English language book on the Norwegian and Danish Krag models has merit.
I have no European Krag models with which to help your project or with photos.

I do not know if you are familiar with the coverage of these arms in Frank Mallory & Ludwig Olson's book, "The Krag Rifle Story".
There is even better coverage of Norwegian and Danish Krag rifles in William Brophy's book, "The Krag Rifle".

The best work on European Krag rifles is Karl Egil Hanevik's book, "Krag-Jorgensen Gevaert", which unfortunately is only available in the Norwegian language.

I do not wish to discourage. I just am sharing some sources you should be aware of.

Attached picture of Hanevik's book and an original Danish photo, that I have, and which you may use.

Re: Pictures for A Krag Book!

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 12:01 am
by skillest
Hi! Thanks for the welcome, and for the Danish military picture, I'm sure that will come in handy!

It's okay that you don't have any European models, Any Krags are welcome really, as I do have a chapter on the American Krag development and will need photos of those in the future, perhaps posting another thread in the American Krag's section for those would help as well.

As per your references you listed, I am aware of them and they have helped me much in my research. Thanks for listing them anyway! I currently am still awaiting my copy of "The Krag Rifle" in the mail, which has been delayed forever, so I will get to see how expansive information is in that book. I found Mallory's and Olson's only has a couple pages of information on the Danish and Norwegian models, but is very detailed in the American Krag models.

Also, I have been in contact with Karl Egil Hanevik discussing my book, other Krag models I've run across etc., and he's helped me with any additional nformation I've come across. Of course, his work, at least from what I've seen, is the most comprehensive work on the Norwegian and Danish Krags. But as you stated previously, it is in Norwegian, which kickstarted my idea for this book. I have mostly been referencing his book "Norske militærgeværer etter 1867" which, from my understanding, is more or less an extension built off of his original Krag book he published beforehand. Though if his original Krag book is more in-depth about the Krag please feel free to let me know!

Re: Pictures for A Krag Book!

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 12:44 am
by butlersrangers
Justin - It is great that you have been in contact with Egil Hanevik. He also seems to have a great understanding of U.S. models. IIRC - He contributed content to Mallory's book, "KRS".
I believe his book, that you are familiar with, has broader coverage of Scandinavian arms including Rolling-Block rifles, Jarmann rifles, and Krags.
The Hanevik work, I recommended, likely has a deeper coverage of the Krag-Jorgensen. (I wish I could read Norwegian)!

I have found the Norwegian and Danish coverage in Brophy's book, "The Krag Rifle", very good. The 'Norwegian Chapter' was written by Sigurd Halverson.

Re: Pictures for A Krag Book!

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:30 am
by skillest
I will try my hand at finding a copy of that book then, and compare it with this current book! Thanks for the reccomendation. And if anyone else is still willing to share photos of anythin' Krag related, drop 'em here!