A different use of a Krag

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A different use of a Krag

Post by butlersrangers » Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:10 pm

With a good gun book, with lots of content, it is not unusual for me to miss something, until I go back and look for it.

Karl Egil Hanevik in his book, "Krag-Jorgensen Gevaeret", included content on Krag and Jarmann line-throwing and harpoon rifles.

The single-shot Jarmann likely proved more practical for a specialized application, where the Krag's magazine served no purpose.

Nice photo of a Krag, (with an awesome 'Tiger-Stripe' stock), set up for line-throwing.
A picture of two Jarmann rifles, with one loaded with harpoon and the other cased for line-throwing.

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