Our ceremony will take place at Wrights Mill Farm in Canterbury, Connecticut beginning at 7 o’clock in the evening on Saturday July 14th, 2012.

Weather permitting; we will be outside during the ceremony.

A longtime friend of Josh’s, Reverend/Pastor/Brother/Father Paul Messner of the Otsego County Lutheran Parish will be performing the ceremony near the pond.

Parking will be available for all of our guests at the end of the private road near the banquet hall.

The pond location is a short 3-5 minute walk from the parking area.

Guests who are unable to make the walk from the parking area can be dropped off adjacent to the pond upon arrival.

Our handsome ushers will be in the vicinity to assist guests when necessary.

Venue Information:
Address: 65 Creasy Road, Canterbury, CT 06331
Phone: 860.774.1455
Website: www.wrightsmillfarm.com